Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hair...and Goodbye

My daughter's musical is this weekend. She is so very excited. I have volunteered to do hair for the show and so for the last 3 nights I have been a braiding fool! (That's the top of my daughter's head all braided up for the rehearsal and that is her again in the bottom picture.) Last night I did 10 heads in about 1.25 hours... every night there seems to be more girls asking. Hopefully for the real show nights I'll have enough time to do everyone who wants their hair done.
So that's what I have been up to this week.... that and kid juggling ad tending to my little guy who coughed so hard he vomited the other night and then kept me up last nigh with even more coughing. Poor kid.
And.... I think I am done here at Rumtum. I have plugged away at this for over a year and really have not a lot to show for it. I have tried really hard to make sure I post at least once a week- sometimes that doesn't happen, but that is life, right? I thought I put out some nice things, some good ideas...but I have no readership except for Amber and Deborah and I am feeling like I am putting "comment guilt" on them. And I really don't want to add to any ones else's sense of responsibility. Maybe I am just being grouchy or over-tired, but I'm annoyed (I can't even GIVE stuff away!) and I think I need a break. I will still check on all my favorite blogs and wish you all the best!! Amber and Deborah thank you both so much for always stopping in over here and leaving me comments. You guys are fantastic! (I will still post over at wildwilliams because that's how I keep my far-away friends and family updated.) Maybe I'll be back... who knows?


SunflowerMom said...

Such pretty hair styling! I can't imagine doing 10 that fast.

I'm sorry you are feeling a blog burn out. It does get hard to keep plugging away at it without feedback. I am always reminded of my time spent as a radio dj in college- wondering if anyone was listening. I added a sitemeter to my blog last Oct and that really helped me feel like it was worth my time to write. I get around 30-40 visitors a day and see my blog come up on google searches on a regular basis. Even if I don't get a lot of comments, at least I know someone out there is interested at some point.

I didn't enter your anniversary giveaway bc I won the last one and didn't want to be greedy! LOL

Take a break, come back when you have time and something fab to share!

Amber said...

I JUST saw this post and now I feel really terrible. :(

I'm sorry you decided to stop posting, but I totally understand. I can barely keep up with real life stuff anymore and blogging has really fallen by the wayside... It doesn't help that my sidebar blog list doesn't update as it should, like EVER so I miss important posts all the time. I am really, REALLY sorry I didn't see this post sooner. :(

In any case, I still owe you a prize! But first I need to know what your favorite season is. :)