Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok... I'm back!

Hello to you if you stopped by because of Indigo Girl (and for any other reason too!). She's so awesome! I love her. (And right now I am all a-gush with warm fuzzies.... her random number generator picked me!!) What I love most about her is that she writes so fantastically! I want to know, where do you find the time Indigo Girl? With 3 little ladies and a job on top of it! I must have poor time management skills because I can barely find the time to fold laundry, let alone really write something substantial. So, to add to my lack of time, I have decided that I need some chickens. Seriously. My sister is a teacher and the 1st graders in her school hatch chicks every year. My sister has a small flock of her own and just took in 4 more. This year I bit the bullet and accepted two. We just got them yesterday and they are happily living in a box in our breezeway (with a heat lamp because it is un-Godly cold for May 27th) until they are a) bigger and b) my husband builds them a coop. He has some ideas. So does my five year old. He drew an elaborate drawing of a coop with his Lego Dwarf's' Mine carts to catch the eggs and haul them down a ramp to a bucket. Good idea! (God, I hope they are both female.) That's Gabby there holding one. She's a chicken pro.
My daughter named them McNugget and Fries.


It has been forever since I have posted here.... been crazy busy with stuff...time of year always kills me. I promise that I will be here tonight with a new post- so stop back and check it out, ok? And I'm feeling the pressure now because I just won (YEAH!) a contest over at Indigo Girl.... and she's so super cool and everyone loves her and reads her and I'd hate for people to find me through her and be like, "BORING!". So, I promise I will be back tonight!!! In the meantime you can check out my family blog if you want to.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunny Day Fun

I was inspired by some other craft blogger- can't find it right now- (edited: found it!) try bubble painting with 2 of my little charges. We used food coloring instead of paint and it worked out really well. For the sake of experimentation I tried real bubble formula (left over from a 3 year old's b-day party) and bubbly water made with dish soap. In my opinion the dish soap solution worked better.
We did this outside because A) it was beautiful outside and B) it is quite messy. When the bubbles pop they spray color all over. I looked like I had blue freckles on my arms!

The finished products were ok.... it was the process that these two girlies (ages 3 & 5) loved the most.

After bubble painting it was time to be a woodland fairy..... because, you know, that's fun too.