Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just a quick post here to show the bag I made for Teacher Appreciation Week. Its a door prize.... so I don't know which teacher it will go home with. My daughter likes this apple fabric so much she wants me to make one for her teacher as an end of the year gift. This one I whipped up the night before I had to deliver it to school, and I don't even know if who ever gets it will like it.... so I sweetened the deal by adding a Starbucks gift card!

I would love to stay and chat- but my to do list is getting longer by the minute:
• gift for the baby I watch- she's having her baptism this weekend
• gift for one of the little ones that I watch- she'll be 3 this weekend (we are double booked for parties on Saturday)
• I am deep in costume-mode for the kids' dance recital- I'll post pictures soon
• I do name paintings and donated a certificate for one....and it was called in this week
• have to finish the teacher appreciation poster for Ethan's kindergarten teacher by Friday
• Ethan is Student of the week next week and we have a packet of pages to do before Monday (mostly for him to do but he needs guidance)
• Hudson has a big project on Italy that is due on Tuesday- again, mostly things he needs to do on his own, but he still needs help and guidance
• I need to bring some sort of baked good to the library sale on either Thursday or Friday
• and just all the regular "life" stuff like taking the kids to dance class tonight, Thursday and Friday (yes, we are at the dance studio every night because at least one of my kids has a dance class every night- and I take my niece on Thursdays too!) laundry, cleaning, etc.
• Unfortunately my husband is "closing" for most oft his week, meaning he works from about noon to 11pm. Fortunately my husband has Friday off. Unfortunately (well, not really) he's going on a field trip with my daughter and won't be home all day.

And the baby I watch is MISERABLE today- so I've done nothing but hold her. (In fact I am typing this one handed.)

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