Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok... I'm back!

Hello to you if you stopped by because of Indigo Girl (and for any other reason too!). She's so awesome! I love her. (And right now I am all a-gush with warm fuzzies.... her random number generator picked me!!) What I love most about her is that she writes so fantastically! I want to know, where do you find the time Indigo Girl? With 3 little ladies and a job on top of it! I must have poor time management skills because I can barely find the time to fold laundry, let alone really write something substantial. So, to add to my lack of time, I have decided that I need some chickens. Seriously. My sister is a teacher and the 1st graders in her school hatch chicks every year. My sister has a small flock of her own and just took in 4 more. This year I bit the bullet and accepted two. We just got them yesterday and they are happily living in a box in our breezeway (with a heat lamp because it is un-Godly cold for May 27th) until they are a) bigger and b) my husband builds them a coop. He has some ideas. So does my five year old. He drew an elaborate drawing of a coop with his Lego Dwarf's' Mine carts to catch the eggs and haul them down a ramp to a bucket. Good idea! (God, I hope they are both female.) That's Gabby there holding one. She's a chicken pro.
My daughter named them McNugget and Fries.


Amber said...

Oh, I am so jealous!

I would love to have a few chickens, but there are WAY too many stray cats in our neighborhood.

Glad you're still posting, by the way. :)

Sarah said...

My gosh- I know- I am so lame with the posting lately.... I have been so busy!! I'll try to get back to this more regularly soon!!

Sarah said...

whoops- I posted that comment using my "family blog" sign-in... o-well

Joanna said...

That is an adorable chick. I miss my chickens back in NY. :( Your girl is as sweet as pie, too!!