Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pay It Forward

Amber got her package today and got a picture of the tote I made her... and wrote such nice and lovely things on her blog. Thanks Amber!!! It was fun to make and put together the package, and take a guess what you guys might like. My little friend Cate picked out the chicken and the lamb for your Ethan when we were picking up chicken feed for our real chickens. (Poor little kid... I take her everywhere!) But I think she was confused and thought they were for my Ethan.


Amber said...

Thank Cate on my Ethan's behalf. He is really into his barn right now, so the farm animals are a welcome addition to his farm creature family!

And anyway, how are your chickens doing? I keep scheming up ways to have some of my own here...

Amber said...

Hey, I hope you get this!

A friend of mine found a better deal on bakers twine! They have green and white too. Hope that helps!