Saturday, July 12, 2008


I know, I know... I have disappeared again. I think that this blog thing will be harder in the summer. Although I love reading everyone elses entries at the end of a long hot summer day, but darn it... I am just too tired to write my own post! And I have nothing to say, so there.
My sisters from out of town have been up here visiting. We all got together at my parent's house on the lake for the 4th. Between us there are 14 children (ages 17 down to 3) so we are a loud, rowdy group with varied ideas about parenting.... and let me tell you, that can be hard.

Anyway, so that is what I have been doing.... spending time at the lake house (which my parents own but rent out for most of the summer, so when they have it for two weeks we spend lots of time there) driving my daughter back and forth to her Broadway Camp, taking the kids to soccer games and practices, swimming, giving Ethan a mohawk, hanging with my family. But things will settle down here I think. The lake house is rented starting on Monday, so tomorrow will be our last swimming day. One sister left today... another leaves on Monday.

I have done one crafty thing... I finally tried my hand at freezer paper stencils and made this t-shirt for Ethan. He was tired of having me take his picture... can you tell? (It is an octopus in case you can't tell.)

But oh,oh,oh!!! I almost forgot!! I got my Pay it Forward package from Indigo Girl!! It was delivered to me by my daughter and husband at the lake house a few nights ago... so i had to explain the whole "blog contest thingy" to my extended family...but they thought it was like Christmas!! My sister grabbed the Literary Mama book right away and my husband dove right into the dark chocolate... in fact the package was so ripped into that I couldn't even photograph it!! But guess what was buried at the bottom just for me????

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