Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This is Ethan caught slightly off guard just as he got home from school yesterday. They had celebrated their "feast" and he came home with a "pattern pouch" and a headdress. Cute picture.
But I cropped it.
It's amazing what I can crop out, and what slices of my world I can choose to show you in this little window of my life. This is the original picture, pre-cropping. I thought it would fun to show you the "real me", well at least my real kitchen as it looks every day without being "dressed" for pictures. I even included labels... so enjoy!
A: Our old step back cupboard. When we acquired this house (it was my great grandma's, then my great aunt's, then my parent's but my sister rented it from them, then mine, then my cousin rented it, and now we own it....phew!) this piece of furniture was in two pieces in two different rooms. Both pieces were painted white. The bottom piece had contact paper stuck all over the top of it. My MIL stripped it for us. She was concerned that the woods were different colors...but we love it. We keep 90% of our kitchen "stuff" here. According to this picture, 75% of it must be in the dishwasher at this moment.
B: A big ole bowl of Halloween candy. My kids are notorious for forgetting that they have candy in the house... Me? Not so forgetful.
C: The TV we watch most in the house. It will stop working in Feb 2009 unless we do something. We are old fashioned and we live under a rock.... no cable or satellite here. Oh, it's available- we just choose to go with out.
D: This little spot constitutes 33.3% of our total counter space in this kitchen.
E: Apples!! Justin is making applesauce for Thanksgiving as I type this.
F: Ethan's other Thanksgiving project... a place mat. He has been playing a combination chess/checkers game on it ever since he brought it home.
G: Cate's coat. Cate is one of the little ones I watch. We don't really have a great place to put coats so hers usually ends up on a chair. And speaking of chairs you may notice that we only have on either end of the table. The chairs that came with the table have all fallen apart. We bought two replacement chairs and use benches on the long sides of the table. Justin made one... one is an antique.
H: The never ending pile... do you have one of these? There is always crap lying around on the step back. Its so annoying. As you can see there is a dust mask lying there.... wtf?
So.... what do you think? I'm not really sure why I did that... but it was fun. I sometimes feel like we only show the good and polished pieces of ourselves out here in blog land. And why wouldn't we?? I am totally guilty of this. I know my life is a cluttered mess, but here in this little space I can pretend it's not. But after I cropped the picture (to show Ethan off better) and compared it to the original, I laughed and thought, gosh... look at all I cut out!! So much about who I really am. All the nitty gritty. The cluttered fridge, covered with pictures of my kids, and my nieces and nephews and friend's kids, and the notes that come home from school (the trees!!! the trees!!! think of the trees! good lord stop sending notes home!) the scrubbed up table, and the gross low ceiling and the dirty floor. But lots of living takes place here in our kitchen... so I am happy to have invited you here too!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Amber said...

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I should put up a picture of our bomb-went-off computer area and our falling over bookshelf. Lol!

Seriously though, this has the makings of a great "tag" for other bloggers, don't you think? I'd play and pass it along if you wanted to start one. :)

SunflowerMom said...

I love it! I am so guilty as well! I agree, we should start this as a tag & link back here so your bog can get more traffic. You have such great ideas, we need to share you with other bloggers!

Sarah said...

ok ladies... tag you are both it!! Show us a cropped photo (all pretty and perfect) and then show us the real deal...

Happy Thanksgiving you two. And Deborah, I guess you win the oven mitt!!!