Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Back

I'm still feeling pained by the loss of Fahris. Her funeral was this Sunday and gosh, it was a toughie. I just cannot imagine losing one of my children. No matter how crazy they make me, I will try to be grateful for those moments... all those normal, everyday regular moments because I am lucky to have them. Thank you Deborah and Amber for your kind words.

Here are the Halloween costumes from this year.... Ethan was a pirate skeleton. We re-used parts of Hudson's pirate costume form a few years ago and added the skeleton parts. On Halloween morning I realized that he had no skeleton shirt to wear so I whipped out the freezer paper and stenciled him up nice set of rib bones.

Hudson was a beast, re-using the beast parts I made for my Dad to use for a church talent show. I made him some fuzzy pants, a tattered shirt and we added a dollar mask from Walmart.

Alex was Velma Kelly (from Chicago). I made her a little flapper dress (man- fringe is pain) and a garter, added fishnet stockings, a wig and my mom's ancient rabbit fur coat. Oh, and she's wearing my shoes. They were probably small on her.
So, that was Halloween 2008. We had a busy day... the elementary school had their traditional costume parade, then we ran home so Alex could get dressed, ran over to our Church trunk-or-treat event, then out trick-or-treating, and finally took Alex to a party.
And just so don't forget...go vote! Here is Ethan's pick...

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SunflowerMom said...

Hey! Here they are! I was just looking for these on your other blog. Love the costumes! Alex looks waaay too grown up in hers! Yikes!