Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little Break

Well, I just had an unexpected little break from here... my kids, my parents and one nephew and I went down to Long Island to visit my sister and her family. We had fun singing to Mika and various musicals (Wicked, Mama Mia, Joseph....) on the cd player (yes, we are all musical loving nerds).

We arrived on Sunday night. Monday we took the Long Island Railroad into the city. It was great. We had planned on skating at Rockefeller Center, but one look at the ice and we decided against it. It was covered in an inch of water! I can only imagine the wet knees and bottoms after that. So we popped in St. Patrick's for a really quick visit. There was Mass going on so we just quickly took in the building, lit a few candles and left. Then we spotted an Anthropologie store. I have only ever in one once before (also in NYC but a different location) It is such a treat for the senses. I love all of their displays. My 10 year old thought the blue painters tape "sculpture" was the coolest. I bought some letters for the kids rooms and oohed and ahhed over the clothing...but with 7 kids in tow (6 of them boys) we didn't stay long. Then we headed over to the NBC Experience store. Such fun! Alex got to up close and personal with Matt Lauer! I got my husband a Heroes glass. Then it was off to the ESPN Zone for lunch.

While Mom and Dad lingered over their lunch, my sister Meredith had all the boys upstairs playing games at the ESPN Zone (bless her!) Alex and I ran down to the free Oscar display. There were 50 Oscars on display (I just read somewhere that they are not the Oscars that are being handed out on Sunday- those have been sent off already- but these were "extras".) What Alex is holding is exactly like what will be presented to the Oscar winners. I didn't lift it, but she said it was heavy.

The next day we went shopping out in Long Island and guess what? There was another Anthropologie at the mall! AND a Free People AND an Urban Outfitters! I realize that you are all probably rolling your eyes at my excitement, but we don't have any of these here near me. We do have a fantastic mall- that I never go to!- but it doesn't have any of these stores. I also realize that some crafters are upset with store like these for "stealing" their ideas. But, for me, who was in the midst of winter doldrums, to see the bright, inspiring displays, it was a refreshing treat. I also have a soft spot for Anthropologie because my friend's husband designed the interior walls in many of the stores.... and I think his sister is a buyer for them. (The friend I speak of is Heidi who is my ace in the hole whenever someone wants to play 6 degrees of separation. I always win because I know Heidi, Heidi worked for Martha Stewart and who doesn't Martha Stewart know?)

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