Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Easter is so early this year... I know you know this, but it really seems to be sneaking up on me. I mean really, the leprechauns just paid their visit on Monday!! Do leprechauns visit your house? They visit here, leave a little mess (glitter all over, green toilet water), play a few tricks (toothbrushes in the fridge, green milk) and leave a treat (gold coins, and various other green wrapped candies, and wasabi nuts for my husband, because there is nothing like "little green leprechaun nuts" right?). Ethan wants so desperately to catch one. He asked me to set out a mouse trap, until I told him that a mouse trap may kill a leprechaun. So he's busy making "trap" plans for next year.
SO back to Easter. I am the "class mom" for Ethan's kindergarten class and am in charge of the party planning. I thought it would be fun to make a little goodie for Ethan to pass out to his classmates, and came up with this bunny candy holder. Our elementary school has a new rule about not allowing any homemade treats to be passed out in class (no more homemade cupcakes for birthdays even!!) so it can be difficult to come up with something creative and cost effective to pass out. I called the nursery school where I used to be the administrator and asked if I could borrow 15 toilet paper rolls. (They collect things like that throughout the year.) Then I wrapped each on in white paper, cut out 30 ears and 15 heart shapes for the "feet" (base). I glued each tube to the base. Ethan and I split up the ears to color. (He said that boys like red ears on bunnies and girls like we went with that.)

Then I taped a pair of ears on each tube and put 2 dots of glue on for each google eye. Ethan attched the eyes and drew the cute little noses, mouths and "toe nails".

He was starting to lose interest so I glued on the tails and then let him stuff each bunny with two little packets of candy (we used m&ms and Skittles). I'll haul them into school on Thursday for his "Spring Celebration."

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