Sunday, March 9, 2008


I have finally finished the little gift set for my soon-to-be nephew. Actually, the pants are so big that I bought a 9-12 month size onsie to go with them instead of the little 3-6 month I was planning on getting... so I think that this will actually be for soon-to-be nephew's big brother instead. He can pass them down. I made the bib a while ago, back when I was on a Bend the Rules bib kick. I had the pants cut out and all sewed except for the waist for a while too. For some reason they just looked so weird to big. So bell-bottomish. I was hesitant to finish them. But I forged ahead anyway and I think they are ok... still weird. Still big. Still bell-bottomish. But I can live with it. They look sort of like yoga pants. Or lounge pants... and babies lounge, right? So, good. (Sorry for the extremely crappy photos. Not sure what is going on there...)

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