Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shadow play

I try to read to Ethan most nights at bedtime. We'll snuggle down on his bed, turn on his desk lamp and read. Many nights his brother will join us, and sometimes his sister will too. (That's a lot of people in a twin bed!) One night while all piled into Ethan's bed we discovered that the desk lamp created a great set-up for making shadow on the wall. And since I didn't know how to do many we got a book out of the library to help us along. (I can't seem to locate teh exact book we used, but this looks similar.)
This is a dog. (My daughter took these pictures.)

A bunny. Alex, my daughter, had a hard time figuring this one out..but see his big ear and half of his other ear? And his 2 front legs and one hind leg? And take a look at how twisted my hands had to be to make that bunny. Definitely a hard one for the kids to do.

Here's a cow.And a cow sticking his tongue out!

Hudson made a swan....

And Ethan made a turtle.

And then just for fun I tried to get silhouettes of each kid. (That's Alexandra, Hudson and Ethan top to bottom. Hudson looks a little stretched out.) I remember having my teacher do these to us in kindergarten. We would sit with a bright light shining on us and she drew our outline with white chalk onto black paper, then cut it out, mounted it on light paper (usually light blue) framed it and we gave them to our Moms for Mother's day. It must have been all the rage for a few years because I remember seeing framed silhouettes of all my friends and cousins hanging up in their house when I was a child.

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