Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, hello...

Yes... I have disappeared again. The end of summer is upon us and I am trying to take it easy (which is just not happening) while getting ready for the school year to start up again... but I thought I should stop in here and say hello... especially because we are leaving on Saturday for our annual trip to the Adirondacks, so I won't be around here for a week.

Now, this is what I have been up to (and why I am not here writing so much lately) and just some other cool stuff I thought you'd like to know:

• We got another chicken. Introducing Amigo! She was from the same group of eggs that were hatched at the school where my sister teaches, where we got McNugget and Fries. My sister felt bad that the two chickens she brought gave to us originally ended up being males, so she brought us a little girl. Her kids had already named her... I know, it doesn't make any sense... but we kept the name. We usually call her "MeeGee" anyway.
She is very affectionate (can chickens be affectionate?) and loves to be held. Maybe because she is terrified of "the boys" (whom I have taken to calling Dip and Dab because they are so dumb and do everything together). The kids LOVE her.
Speaking if the kids... here is a rare picture of the 3 of mine all together... each with a chicken friend. This may have been the last time "the boys" let us hold them. They don't like to be held.

Sometimes MeeGee does weird things like jump up on my uncle's back....

....or find her way onto our enclosed porch and try to roost on a shelf.

This is what the two dumbies are usually doing.
Ok... other non-chicken related "stuff"...
What we have up to lately:
•Watching the Olympics.... I just love them. Winter, summer, doesn't matter... I love the Olympics.
•Ethan is taking an art class at The Mill... the same place Hudson took one a few weeks ago. This one is a week long deal for little guys. He is enjoying it, but I am thinking that, my god, I could offer classes like that for kids out of my house next summer!! But maybe not... do I really want more kids here???
•My parent's put in a pool and we have been swimming like crazy people over there. It's awesome. They put it in as an alternative to taking the entire family (which would be all my siblings and their husbands and all of our children- so like 26 people in total) on a trip to celebrate their 40th anniversary that will take place on the 14th of December. The kids swam for about 4 hours today.
•We have been letterboxing some more. We are even getting ready to plant our own box... our very first!!
•We are all a little sick... Hudson threw up today (then he felt GREAT and swam for 4 hours... crazy kid). Ethan and I have runny noses and red eyes. Hope we feel better before we leave on Saturday.
•I picked about 10lbs of tomatoes out of my garden today and so far have made one big batch of sauce. I am too afraid to try canning, but I will freeze it instead. Also have been picking lots of zucchini. Made two delicious loaves of zucchini bread yesterday, and also have been grating and freezing zucchini so I can make it all winter long. We may need to invest in a chest freezer.
• Ok... not about me, but also cool... my sister hung out with Ty Pennington last night... fer real! The Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew is in a nearby town doing a house and my sister ran into Ty in a bar last night! They played some video game together. She said he's really really skinny.... and kind of dumb.
Enjoy your last weeks of summer.... see you when I get back!!

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Amber said...

If you feel like trying oven canning some tomatoes when you get back, email me. ( I'll send you my Memmy's "top-secret" instructions for tomatoes. They work every time! In fact, I just used her directions to oven can four pint jars of salsa and they sealed perfectly!

The best part is, you can do as many or as little as you want, so you don't waste jars/tomatoes/time if you want to do a test batch first.