Saturday, August 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Amber tagged me!! My very first tag. I have often read other peoples "little known facts" and wondered what I would write about myself if I had to do one of these... and always thought of witty and clever things to say. But now that I have to do it, I can barely think of one.... and I know I am supposed to tag six other people (or is it seven?) but since I don't really know anyone in the blogisphere well enough to tag, I'll leave it as an open invitation. So, if you feel like playing along then write seven little known facts about yourself and leave me a comment so I can go read them and say how witty and clever they are compared to mine :)

OK, here goes:
1. I have an extra vertebrae. My doctor told me that I would be about an inch to an inch and a half shorter if I did not have it! (And my cousin has one less vertebrae than normal...weird!) And speaking of vertebrae, I had surgery on a ruptured disc in 2006.
2. I was in an ad back in the late 80's for Massachusetts tourism, along with my sister and aunt, after a photographer snapped a picture of us on a beach in Cape Cod.
3. This isn't really little known, but I named my first son Hudson because it is my maiden name and I wasn't quite ready to give it up. People still to this day say to me, with a look of confusion on their face, "His name is Hudson Hudson?" duh- no, he has his father's (and now my) last name.
4. I can't eat tuna fish or most potato salads if someone else makes them (I would never order either in a restaurant) in case there is something crunchy in there. Crunchiness of unknown origin makes me gag.
5. Songs make me cry. I was part of my senior class choir and I couldn't sing at our graduation because I was crying through the whole thing. Sporting events and plays make me cry too... whenever someone is doing really, really well at something I get all teary- even if I don't know the person.
6. I love(d) JFK Jr. I even called his office when he was as Assistant DA in NYC to ask him to speak at my college graduation. I talked with his secretary. He never got back to me :(
7. Ok- nearly done!.... I really don't like Ann Curry. I can't even watch the Today show anymore because she makes me insane... which is too bad, because I do like me some Matt!
8. Wait...I have one more!! I just discovered that I cannot spell because with out messing it up and spelling it becasue... thank goodness for spell check!

Now, its your turn...

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Amber said...

I promise I will never, ever do that to you again! But thanks for playing. :)

I find it unspeakably cool that you have an extra vertebrae!

And I am absolutely with you on the crunchy gagging.

Oh, and I can't spell separate without spell check. I always want to spell it "seperate"...