Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car organizer

The other day I finally made something for myself. I have been wanting a car organizer for awhile...checking them out online at at places like Target. Nothing seemed right though. Then I happened upon this... and I was inspired. Not inspired enough to actually order the pattern, because honestly, it looks way too complicated for me and my limited sewing skills. But I kept going back to the images of it and thought, what the heck? I can give my own version a try.

My organizer started life as a box of 48 waffles from Wegmans. It was the perfect size I was looking for. It's not perfect, as you can see by the wonky fit of the divider, but so far I am pretty pleased with it. Although I wish I had added more pockets. (I am not a planner, so the pocket was the last thing I put on... not a smart move. It was very difficult to get the thing through the machine in the direction I wanted to sew.)

Then I made a garbage bag too. I had intended to use plastic grocery bags as a liner, but they are way too big (again not planning or measuring before making this was not working in my favor! go figure)...but I think bread bags will work well. We go through enough bread to keep us steadily supplied with bags.

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