Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween Costume Season

I should be planning and sewing the kids Halloween costumes.... but instead I am entering a contest with last year's costumes!! So, if you feel so inclined, could you stop over at Family Fun and vote for the Headless Guy??? You'll be my best friend! Vote for us!

That's my daughter under there. (Alex won Best Costume in a local contest last year. Here she is holding her winning bag of candy and certificate.)

Here are the boys from last year as well... Ethan was a mummy.... and Hudson was a kid being abducted by an alien. (This one was a real crowd-pleaser, but I didn't enter it into the contest because it was featured in the magazine already. That's where we got the idea.)
If you want you can go to my youtube page to see videos from last year of the kids in their costumes.


Virginia Janet said...

Making your own Halloween costumes are definitely fun. I will certainly vote for the 'Headless Guy'.

Sarah said...

Oh thank you Virginia!! NOw I need to get moving on this years costumes. (Not as fun or interesting as last years... o-well.)