Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yesterday... daughter turned 11. I was planning on writing a post about her birthday and my 11 years of being a mother. Then my mom called me (you can guess where this may be going...) and told me that a little girl who I have know since her birth, had died. She was only 5. She had been sick, but I did not think it was at such a critical point. Her mom took her to the doctor's office and she died there in her arms. She was born with a heart defect, had gone through numerous surgeries, the last one was a year ago. She just could never get over that last hurdle and get well....

I was telling my 6-year old this morning that Fahris had died. My boys and Fahris go to the same elementary school where there are only about 500 kids, so everyone knows everyone. I wanted him toknow that the teachers may be sad today. Ethan said, "Oh Mom, she's only in kindergarten. Kindergartners want to live for a long, long time!" Hudson, my 9 year old said, "She didn't deserve that Mom," and "She didn't get a chance to play very much on her new playground." (Make a Wish Foundation installed a new huge playground at their house this summer.) So true Hudson.

Alex, my daughter, was sad the night before, Monday night, the eve of her 11th birthday. She said to me, "Mom- 10 was so good! And I'll never be 10 again!" And I said, "Feel lucky that you get a chance to be 11. Some kids don't." Who knew that my words of wisdom would be so poignant and hit so close to home so quickly after being stated?
So although Fahris was the one whose heart had a "boo-boo" now it is our entire community with a broken heart.


Amber said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry. My heart aches for everybody who will miss that sweet little girl.

SunflowerMom said...

:( So sorry to hear about your friend's daughter.