Friday, January 16, 2009

My week

If you want a glimpse at what my week was like, these are my facebook* updates from this week...

Sarah wonders why every time Justin leaves to travel for work something weird/tragic/major happens here at home?????
Sarah is wondering if Hudson's timing could be any worse... he has the stomach bug and this is just not a good week to be sick!
Sarah realizes that the day your son has the stomach bug is not a good day to run out of laundry detergent!
Sarah is missing Justin.

It's been a rough one. My husband left for 15 days on Sunday. (He travels for his job.) Then my grandma died on Monday. She was 96 and had suffered with Alzheimer's for about a decade. It was horrible. It was a blessing that she is finally at peace. Tuesday my son came down with the most dreaded and evil stomach bug...both ends I'm telling ya, both ends!! Wednesday were the calling hours (does everyone call them "calling hours"? or is that a po-dunk thing to say? I don't know what else they would be called, but my sister who lives on Long Island told me they call it something else there- although she couldn't remember what.) Thursday the funeral. My sister and cousins and I sang. My sister read the eulogy. My mother sang Ave Maria. it was beautiful.
Today I am recovering. I feel exhausted, although i am going out to dinner with my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins... most of of live nearby, but a few traveled from all over the country (Wisconsin, Montana, Washington State) and they leave tomorrow, so we want to get together one more time.

My sewing machine is still on the fritz. My wishful thinking didn't work this time, but here is picture of the pj bottoms I made for Alex for Christmas. She loves them. I feel bad that I didn't make the boys anything.
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Courtney said...

Yikes, sorry about your week. Thinking of you.