Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scrap Quilt

I had hinted that I wanted some blankets for couch snuggling for Christmas, but it fell on deaf ears I suppose, so I decided to make myself a gift - a scrap quilt. It started like this... some scraps lying on my sewing table.
Which pretty quickly morphed into this in about an hour. The picture below is the top about half way done. I didn't have much rhyme or reason for the scraps I chose, except they had to be either mainly green or brown. Then I threw in just a little bit of light blue just for the heck of it. I didn't realize that I had so much green fabric lying around. I guess I like green... of course that should be obvious as 6 of the 9 rooms in this house are green. The quilt should be fun... it will remind me of all the projects I made last year using these fabrics.
Now, I have told you before that I am incredibly cheap and lazy...wonderful character traits, no? So not only did I decide I would buy nothing to make this quilt except the backing (I didn't have a big enough piece of solid fabric for the back- and I used an old flannel sheet for the batting) but I also didn't measure anything.... lazy, I tell ya. But I plugged along and it was coming out just fine- a wonderful smallish quilt just big enough for me to snuggle with on the couch- and then "crunch!!"... something happened to my machine. Don't know what. Hope it's not too serious. (My cheap lazy brain says, "Wait till tomorrow... it will be better!") And now I'm bummed because I was sooooo close to finishing this tonight. Oh well.

And while I was at Joann's buying the backing fabric I picked up this super cute book. I haven't really looked too closely at it yet, but now that my evening project is put on hold, maybe I will.


SunflowerMom said...

Sarah, you are so inspiring with your ability to just jump in and start making things! I hope I have as much success sewing as you do.

I totally thought I emailed you about the oven mitt! Sorry if I didn't. I did get it and it is fab! Used it last night to pull cupcakes out of the oven. Made me feel so circa 1950s. :) Thank you for sending it!

Sarah said...

Deborah- I'm so glad the mitt made it to you. A few years ago we had a problem with our Postmaster- he ended up in jail- and so many packages i sent that year never made it to their destination. You would think that I would learn to insure things, right? But I'm glad it arrived and has been put to use. And I love that it makes you feel 50s retro. That's so cool! Now all you need is an apron!! And cupcakes sound so yummy right now. Ummmmmmm.