Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year..... catching my breath

Sorry I took quite a break there... between Christmas prep and then recovery I have done very little in the way of anything crafty. And so far this new year is kicking my butt!! But I wanted to check in here and say Happy New Year. I especially want to say Happy Blogiversary to Amber!! Hi Amber! And thank you so much for mentioning me in your post about your anniversary. That was awesome. And also thank you for mentioning me and the bag I made you in your give-away post. You are too kind. Seriously!! That bag is fantastic and I am jealous of the winner :( Oh- and I love the new look over there, Amber. So soft. Love it. OK then.....

I just re-read the last post I wrote here...OK, I guess it was the second to last post I wrote and thought I should let everyone know that I survived the weekend before Christmas.... the babysitting/fundraising event went relatively smoothly and the Christmas Pageant went pretty darn well. Thankfully I had the forethought to get all the kiddos in their costumes and snap a group picture in front to of the backdrop (I decided to forgo any individual animals and went with a simpler backdrop, that I painted 3 nights before the show). One woman in our church said it was the "most moving Christmas pageant" she has ever seen. Wow. See the shepherds beards?? How cute are they? I was also talked into making a Patrick costume for my nephew. My sister wanted to order one for him for Christmas but they were , so I stupidly volunteered. Actually I said, "Why do make him one?" And she said, "Why do YOU make him one?" So I did. It was a hit. I also made Cate an oven mitt and a matching one for her mom. I put them with some sprinkles, cupcake papers and a cool spatula. I was told that Cate received a play kitchen from the big guy, so she was pretty excited to have her own little oven mitt.
Up next is a scrap quilt. I 'll try to get some decent pictures of my progress soon.

Happy New Year to you all!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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Amber said...

Oh oh!!! Scrap quilt!!! I am so excited to see some, um, scraps! I have a pile of my own just waiting to be pieced, but I haven't even started yet. :(

Thanks for the kind words and blogaversary wishes. :) I am still waiting for the winner to get her package so I can post a picture of the whole prize. But it was my favorite so far.

And the Patrick costume is SO cute!