Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking the Crafty Out of the House

We have been finding the "crafties" outside of the home this past week....
My sister and I took the kids to a paint your own pottery place on Monday.

I had never been to one before, although I heard that that can be fun. Megan, my sister, took Gabby the week before to a different location and just gushed about it. So she invited me and my kids (and Cate too, of course) to join her at a place a little closer to our hometown. It was ok... the kids liked it, but I was not really feelin' it, I guess.

I wasn't thrilled with the selection of things for the kids to choose from... I just keep thinking, "This stuff will be collecting dust in my house soon." Maybe I'll feel differently about the whole experience after we go pick up our finished pieces next week. Or maybe I should have painted something for myself, a nice coffee mug or a plate or something... but it was killing me to spend $40 on this stuff to begin with. It also put me in an agitated mood that the chairs there were super flippy and 3 kids in our group flipped their chairs over! Or maybe I was just being a grouch...

Cate chose a bird and painted it blue and yellow. Her parents will love it I'm sure.
Dominick and his dino.

Gabby chose a cheerleader.

Ethan and Hudson both picked out skulls. Ethan wants to put his in the fish bowl.

I also signed up Hudson and Ethan for art classes at The Mill Art Center in a nearby town. The location is beautiful... and old stone building with a fabulous restaurant on the first floor, and art gallery and classroom space on the second and third floors.

Hudson had his first class on Tuesday. It is a cartooning class taught by his art teacher from school. He loves to draw comic book figures and has a real knack for it. His class is once a week. Ethan's class is called Pottery, Pastels and Paint. He'll go everyday (except Thursday) for a week. How fun!!

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