Thursday, October 9, 2008

Elephant Bag

I was going to write a post about my Halloween costume progress...but I just finished this bag last night and thought it would be more fun to talk about. It is a Pleated Beauty from Bend the Rules sewing. Only the second one I've made. Number one was for my first (and only) swap.

Back in May I made a tote for Teacher's Appreciation week. It was a raffle prize. Well, a male teacher from our school won it and joked all day about his "man-purse", but then went home and gave it to his wife, and she loved it. The other day I saw his wife and she asked me make a bag for a friend of hers as a Christmas gift. "Ok," I said. "What does she like?" Her answer, "Purple, polka dots and elephants." Hmmmmmmm......interesting...but, ok.

I was lucky to find some cute elephant fabric online. And as soon as it arrived I dove into making a tote. I never use a pattern when I make a tote, and I have even gotten lazy about measuring, but usually they come out ok. But, I must have been in a funk because this one came out horribly!! All weird and wonky... and not in a good way! So I tried again, but this time got out my trusty Bend The Rules Sewing book and actually followed the directions. By this time I had very little elephant fabric left, so I had to use it sparingly. I added the embroidered elephant on the front to tie in the fabric that is on the inside pocket. I also added a tiny patch of elephant fabric on one strap. I hope they see it as arty and not as a mistake.
The little one I watch arrived to day wearing similar colors so I had to get a picture of her slubbering on, I mean with the bag.

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