Friday, February 6, 2009

Finished the Quilt and more....

I finished my quilt on Saturday and celebrated by snuggling up on the couch with a glass of wine and a magazine... after I fought my daughter off of it. Here is a picture of Cate napping under it on my dirty couch. It's the perfect couch size. It ended up a bit wonky (isn't everything I make a little wonky?) but I still love it because I made it just for me! I threw it over my comforter on my bed the other night and realized it it goes perfectly in my bedroom. My walls are green and my comforter is brown. If my room wasn't so dark I would try to get a picture of it in there, but it probably won't be happening. My daughter is having a Valentine party next Saturday, so we are changing out the more colorful lanterns to pink ones. And I finally got around to hanging up my paper heart garland. I made it a couple years ago, but just recently saw some very similar ones at maya*made
(And keeping it real- here is what that picture started out as..... my messy kitchen.)

I had some girlfriends and their kiddos over this morning for coffee and made this delicious orange zest cake that I found over at Angry Chicken. It is sooooo good. Try it. Yum.

I added walnuts and craisins to the recipe. It is seriously yummy, and goes great with coffee.

And, oh my gosh, I just realized that I missed my blog anniversary!! It was on Feb. 1st. Whoops! I'll have to think of something to rectify that.... hmmm. Any ideas?

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