Monday, February 2, 2009

I meant to show these a week ago...

Aren't these cute? I saw them a few weeks ago in my Kid's Craft Weekly newsletter. (You can see it online here as well.)
We hung them up as a surprise for Justin's Chinese New Year birthday party, and kept them up because they brighten up our dull winter days.

My daughter is having a Valentine Party on the 14th and we are making more lanterns out of pink paper.
(The smaller ones look better, but Ethan asked me to make a big one using blue paper and a piece of map, because "Daddy travels." I obliged, but it looks too saggy in my opinion.)

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Amber said...

Adorable! Sorry, I had so many comments I wanted to leave on the last few posts, but I have been insanely busy lately and a bad blog friend. :(

And there's been a lot of me being just plain insane too, so that doesn't help. ;)