Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tag... I'm it! (Picture Tag)

I was tagged by Deborah Sunflower Stories... I am supposed to post the 4th picture in my 4th picture folder, and blog about it. I don't have fancy categories for my pictures, they just get automatically filed by date... so the 4th folder is from our trip to the Rochester Museum and Science Center where we saw the Giant Insects exhibit. The family of one of the little ones that I babysit for gave us a Family Pass to the museum as a Christmas gift. The kids had a great time there...I'll have to take them back soon. There's a GPS exhibit coming up that I'm sure Ethan will love.

And just because I have the folder open I might as well post a few more from it.....
Now... who to tag?? Amber, have you done this yet??

Deborah tagged me because I have been quite lame and haven't posted since Valentine's Day..... well, I haven't really had much to post about. The kids were off from school last week, Justin and I made an 8 foot tall bed for the musical that our daughter is in, my sister is getting a divorce, we stimulated the economy by getting new furniture (and new mattresses for the kids.. their mattresses were like family heirlooms, having been passed down through many generations), I am working on dance costumes for the recital in May and selling old dance costumes on ebay.... hmmm... is that it? Even though there is a lot going on I jsut don't have the time or energy to write. We have our "Costume Weekend" the weekend fort he dance studio where a few moms get together and make costume parts and pieces for the 170 kids that dance. It is always a lot of fun. Maybe I'll take a few pictures of what we are up to and then I'll have something to write about.


Amber said...

Lol! I got tagged for this one before but can't do it. The picture ends up being a scan of a piece of wrinkly vintage paper from my husband's "textures" folder. Not exactly blog post worthy... ;)

Sarah said...

We can change the rules for you! Do the 5th folder and the 5th picture.... or pick 2 numbers out of a hat. I'm pretty easy going :)

SunflowerMom said...

Thanks for playing Sarah! That bug museum is totally cool, that giant grasshopper? is creepy!

Sounds like you have been super busy! I can not imagine making all those costumes.

WTG on stimulating the economy! Obama is proud of you! I think we will be doing that soon: bed for Sean, bathroom reno, and paying down the debt. Gotta love the child tax credits.