Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chicken Update

My how they have grown!And I'm pretty sure that at least one (McNugget) is a rooster...he cock-a-doodle-do-ed today. Crap.
This is their "play pen" or as my brother-in-law calls it the "chicken tractor", because we can move it around the yard and the chickens till up whatever area they are in. We've moved it about 6 times in the 2 months we have had them and they have done no permanent damage to the yard (not that I really care if they did). The top has two removable pieces, one solid, to give them a little sun protection, then other is screened to make it lighter. We can easily slide the tops around or take them right off, to feed and water them, or hop inside if need be!
They love to roost on the edge of this little barn. My husband made this for my daughter to play with when she was 2 and in a "nay-nay" (horsey) stage. It was her Christmas gift, along with some Beyer horses that year. She outgrew it very quickly, and we had a handful of legless horses laying around for a while, but I was really reluctant to get rid of the barn. It has been a book receptacle, a toy box and most recently it sat empty on our back porch...until the chickens arrived. Now it is their sun shelter and their perch.
And isn't this the cutest little chicken house ever? My husband made it. It's nearly finished- just need to paint the white x's on the doors per my daughter Alex's instructions. The slanty part on the left lifts open to reveal a storage area for their feed and bedding. The other side opens up to the hutch itself, so that we can get the chickens in and out. There are two screened in windows for ventilation, and there is a perch inside. Because it is warm out we don't put them "to bed" every night, but when it starts to get colder we will. It is pretty comical watching the chicken get wrangled up out of the play pen and transported to the coop!

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