Wednesday, July 16, 2008


...I am posting about something crafty! Finally...I know, right? Two reasons for getting back into the crafty groove... we have vacated the lake house and my sisters have gone home. (Two sisters live very near me; in fact my youngest is spending the night at one of their house's tonight...but since they are here all the time we don't have to get together everyday like we do when my other sisters visit, because we don't see them as much.) So things are settling back down and I have discovered that I have become, like so many do, addicted to freezer paper stencils! So easy! So satisfying! I have a short attention span and love instant gratification- so this project is perfect for me!
The hardest part is cutting out the stencil. I am not very adept with the exacto knife, so simple shapes are best for me. And I feel like a complete idiot when I cut off the part I meant to keep...trying to picture what is negative space and what will be painted...the brain is old... but I think I will get the hang of it.
Above is the space ship shirt I made for Hudson. Good thing I got a picture of it because he helped his dad paint the floor of the tree house this evening and got blue latex paint across the front. :(
These are 2 little ones I made... carrot is for my new nephew Griffin, and the birdie- I'm not sure yet.

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