Monday, July 28, 2008


We must be having a sweet tooth around here... The kids and I made some chocolate covered bananas the other night after being inspired by this post over at the Crafty Crow.
Ours were no where near as pretty as Andy's at Dinners on Me... since we didn't have any popsicle sticks we used the bases that came with our popsicle mold. They were a bit long (and therefor poked out the side of the banana) but such is life. And then the kids said there was too much chocolate on them.... Ah hum, what??? I say. Whose children are you?? They preferred the banana plain. So I then just froze two bananas au naturale and Alex ate them up this afternoon. (I have to admit that every time I type the word "bananas" I sing that Gwen Stephani song in my head... this "bleep" is bananas... B-A-N-A-N-A-S....)
On now to more sweetness...
Ethan was sad the other night because both his brother and sister were invited to sleep over at friend's houses and he wasn't... and daddy was not home... it was just me and him... so we made a cake... just for the heck of it... and put a candle in it and sang "Happy Thursday"... just because.

And check this out!! I know... I am such a nerd, but I was SO EXCITED about the fact that I actually grew potatoes!
I mean, I do realize that potatoes must be grown somewhere by someone... but this thrilled me! I had a rooty looking potato in my bag that I tossed into the ground when I put my tomato plants into the garden back in May. A lovely leafy plant grew. But it was starting to get too big, and I was dying to know what was happening under the dirt, so the other day I dug it up. And low and behold there were actual potatoes in the ground! It was like having a baby... I was so excited!! I washed them and swaddled them. I took their picture. I ooed and ahhed at their sheer existence. Then I chopped them up, spritzed them with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt and pepper, cooked them until the were nice and crispy and ate the best freakin' homemade french fries ever! (I promise I never did all that with a baby!)

And, just because I do claim this to be a craft blog...
we did a lady bug craft from Kid Craft Weekly. I wanted to try it with the little one I babysit for, and my boys joined in as well. It was a bit beyond Cate (3), and although he did a nice job, it was a bit below Hudson (8), but Ethan (6) enjoyed it.

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Amber said...

Awesome taters. I need to dig around and see if I have any red ones yet.

Love the ladybugs too!

Now for the bad thing:

I've tagged you on my blog. :(
Feel free to ignore me, I just didn't want to be a spoil-sport when I got tagged by some friends...